Merlin Settles In

So Merlin has now had half a term to settle into school and he is 5 months old today.
He has been doing an excellent job of walking with children who have earnt a 'Golden Paw' for good or improved work or behaviour. He really enjoys runnning in the long grass and has been keeping pupils busy.
He has settled in to his little space in the office and you can sometimes catch staff members sneaking in to give him a quick cuddle.
We have also had some of our more nervous students come and visit Merlin and they have been able to stroke him and take him out for walks.
Soon you will be able to see Merlin in the mornings on the playground, as Ms Elbourne-Cload will be bringing him out on a lead to let him see everyone coming into class. Please remember to leave him to watch so he can get used to lots of children together.
Merlin will also be starting his specialised 'school dog' training in November, so we will be looking forward to seeing him learning how to be a 'reading' dog over the next few months.


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